More about looms

Although I learned to weave years ago, (I learned on a LeClerc with 4 sheds) I did not realize the long history of the loom or the many kinds of looms that came before the styles with which we are familiar now.
I began learning about them as I researched the Triangle loom. I still haven’t discovered any definitive information although still working on it.
I did know of the backstrap loom. I saw that style up close in Peru and was amazed at the speed and dexterity of the weavers. And I should add their memories – since they memorize patterns. No graph paper instructions for them.
Originally, plant fibers and animal hair were twined together or knotted into a kind of fabric. Archeological research has put the discovery of cloth back to about 7000 B.C. in Mesopotamia. Egypt perfected the art of linen weaving. Their linen was reputed to be so finely woven that the limbs of the wearer could be seen through the cloth. (Not sure I’d care for that!) It is not clear whether the Egyptians had looms with heddles. People are relying on paintings.
I’ve also read that cotton weaving in India was so sophisticated that a length of cotton laid upon dewy ground became invisible.
Weaving has had a long and glorious history.


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