Adventures at Bouchercon

Had an appointment to talk with my editor at Bouchercon. Sounds simple, right?

Well, let me tell you about driving in Albany. The Hilton was not on any of the maps I had and the GPS sent us to a Hilton on the other side of the city. Mapquest and the GPS both send the driver along Washington Ave – which just stops!

Once I got to the Hilton I roamed around outside looking for the door in. Finally, some kind cleaner let me in the back door. The hotel is so modern it is difficult to find unnecessary items like doors.

After my meeting, I walked over to the Egg for my panel discussion. Very interesting and fun and I was really impressed by my panel mates: M. E. Kemp, Leslie Wheeler, Simone St. James, and Mel Bradshaw. After the panel I wandered around, ate lunch, went to the book room, and discovered to my horror that I had a line waiting for me to sign books

Yipes! Memo to self: always be prepared to sign.

I hope I do better next year in California!


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