Shelby and Munch



I can just hear a lot of people saying, “Wha. . . .?” Especially if you don’t know me personally or haven’t read “Death of a Dyer”.

Shelby is my dog.


We’ve had her over five years. Previously, before my marriage, I owned another dog. When she died (at 17+ which amazed the vet) I was so heartbroken I didn’t get another pet for many years. After I recovered, I asked my husband for a dog for my birthday. When we went to the shelter to look at dogs, Shelby chose my husband and has really been his dog ever since. So I got my husband a dog for my birthday.

Anyway, I included Shelby in “Death of a Dyer”. I changed her sex and made her black ( Like she is going to sue me right?). I called her Munch because, after chasing groundhogs, eating is her most favorite thing to do. In the five years since we’ve had her, she has gained 22 pounds. (Granted, she was emaciated when we got her but still.) The vet told us to start watching her weight. Not easy to do with three little boys who want to share their food with her.


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