Painting – or how I spent Memorial Day weekend

This past weekend my husband and I painted both the front porch and walk and the deck.

In the process, as I was pouring paint into the roller pan, the paint spilled out and absolutely coated my shoe.

Why are we painting? Surely we could have hired someone?

Well, been there. In February I replied to an Angie’s list special deal for a painter for the boys’ room. By May, when the painter had rescheduled three times and not shown up twice, I gave up and painted the room myself. I had planned to have the painter move from the small project to the larger. So much for the deal and also for Angie’s list.

I know how to paint. My father was a painter. I remember at the age of ten painting windows. My father was old school. He didn’t believe in tape. No, he wiped off the paint over and over until I could do it perfectly without tape. But I digress.

And don’t even get me started on landscapers. The first one took the deposit and disappeared, never to be seen again. I am interviewing the fourth today. If he shows. Again a job I could do but who has time?

I do think the painting job came out nicely.

front walk



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