malice domestic 2017




Another great Malice – except for the renovations to the parking lot and hotel, Nightmare. I heard via the grapevine that next year will be in a different location. I love the area around Bethesda but the struggle to navigate the parking garage was too much.

Below is a picture of my favorite panel: Murder Most British. I was so captivated that when a friend said hello I jumped a foot. Although I don’t write mysteries with a British setting, I love to read them.


I also have to give a shout out to the interview with Elaine Viets and Ann Cleeves, two favorite authors. Very very funny. Best line of the weekend: the sandwich looked like an autopsy on bread.



Malice Domestic 2017

Malice Domestic 2017 begins this week in Bethesda, Maryland. I always enjoy this conference. This time I will be serving on a panel of Historical mystery writers (naturally).

Malice and more

I think about my experiences at Malice domestic for weeks: things I’ve heard and people I’ve met. so wonderful to hear the experiences of other writers and their tips, whether they think of their conversations as tips or not. I’ve been a fan of both Katherine Hall Page and Victoria Thompson for years (decades really) so it was a thrill to attend their interviews.

All in all, a great conference.

But I also planned to participate in Goshen’s Noah Webster Art Walk Friday night. So, I got home the previous Monday night and tried to catch up Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and then, besides work, stayed out late for the Art Walk.

Next year I have to do a better job of planning my activities.

Malice 28

Well, another Malice Domestic is over. I always find these conferences inspiring, not just seeing authors I love. But I also love meeting authors I don’t know – really enjoyed meeting Sue Cox, author of the very funny <Man on the Washing Machine – as well as my fellow authors on the panels. I always go home with a list of books to read.



Malice Domestic

I spent last weekend in Maryland at Malice Domestic. This was my first Malice and I had a great time. I had planned to take lots of pictures but got caught up in the activity and only took two, of a fairly early panel.

malice one

At least this one was with Sara Paretsky.

I always find listening to other authors interesting as I discover how similar our experiences are.

malice two

I also try to read something by all the authors new to me. I go home with bags of books.