Goodreads Giveaway

The giveaway for the Devil’s cold dish ends in a little over a week. Thus far, I have about 500 entries for twenty copies.


I haven’t been on top of the promotion: I am moving and what a grueling process it is. We are moving from house to house but it feels like ten houses. Getting rid of the baby stuff alone is a major undertaking.

It will be over soon – at least that is what I keep telling myself.


Goodreads Giveaway

Goodreads Giveaway

Since the publisher only gave away 5 copies, less than generous, I will be giving away 20 copies beginning August first of The Devil’s Cold Dish

Rees is framed for murder any Lydia for witchcraft. As the persecution of his family increases and Dugard turns against them, Rees must take his family to safety in the Shaker community of Zion. Then he must discover the intelligence behind this plot – before he is captured and hung.


Goodreads Giveaway – The Devil’s Cold Dish

Beginning August 1, I am starting a Goodreads Giveaway for A Devil’s Cold Dish. The publisher had a giveaway for only 5 copies. I thought that was less than generous so I will be offering 20 copies.

Devil’s Cold Dish has revenge, witchcraft and murder. As everyone in Dugard turns against Rees and his family, he takes his family to safety with the Shakers of Zion before returning home to find the truth. The question is, will he find it before he himself is captured and probably hung?

I will publish a link to goodreads before the giveaway.

What is wrong with my PC?

I am old enough to remember when graphics came to the PC world and all the DOS machines began freezing.

MY modern HP with a terabyte of memory is now doing the exact same thing. It is impossible to use it. I spend more time watching the blue circle spinning – or not – than I do working. Even playing solitaire is an exercise in frustration. The cards stop halfway across the screen or freeze in place.

I’ve heard various reasons for this and tried a ton of fixes. I’ve gone through browser after browser but it happens to all of them. I’ve tried closing down the browsers at night. I’ve tried shutting down the whole machine. And after waiting twenty minutes for the stupid thing to boot up it then freezes almost immediately. What?

A script is busy. Or the plugin container has crashed. Or Adobe flash or Shockwave has crashed. Seriously?

The explanation I’ve heard that makes the most sense is that all these moving videos and ads (that use the various plugins) are hanging up on the browsers.

All I know is that it does not happen on my MAC. It is unlikely I will every buy one of these Windows based PCs again. (Sorry, Bill Gates.)

Right now I have a large and expensive paperweight.